Barley Grass Tablets

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  • Barley grass powder contain a powerful antioxidant called lycopene. It may help prevent prostate cancer as well as reduce tumor growth among men with prostate cancer.
  • Barley grass is rich in healthy fats that contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent and reduce inflammation within the body.
  • Barley grass powder is high in fiber and alkaline in nature , which helps reduce uric acid (Acts as a Diuretic so aids flushing uric acid out of the body).
  • It is rich in B,specifically folic acid,will dissolve uric acid crystals.
  • Barley grass contains four important Amino Acids (Praline, Lysine, Arginine, and Glycine) which are necessary for the formation or production of pro collagen to produce Type I and Type II collagen needed in rebuilding damaged cartilage and tendon joints.
  • Due to stress, medical drugs, food additives, low immunity and even radiation, our DNA can change. This change can lead to sterility, genetic abnormalities and premature aging.Barley grass is ideal to strengthen DNA.
  • Pure Barley Grass helps to lower blood sugar Barley Grass causes significant fall in the fasting blood sugar level,a 5.1% reduction in overall cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases.


  •  As a directory suppliment take two Tablet twicw a day. it should idealy be taken on emty stomach before meals. for better result it shouild be taken with warm water.
Barley Grass Tablets
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